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Organic Girl


Product Pack Product # Description
50/50 6/5 oz. 50% Organic baby arugula leaves and 50% Organic baby spinach leaves
Baby Arugula 6/5 oz. Organic baby arugula leaves
Baby Kale 6/5 oz. Baby kale, baby spinach, tango, baby green chard, baby green romaine & baby green oakleaf lettuce. Ingredients may vary by season.
Baby Spinach 6/5 oz. Organic baby spinach leaves
Baby Spring Mix 6/5 oz. Baby green romaine lettuce, baby green leaf lettuce, tango, tatsoi, baby spinach, baby red romaine lettuce, lolla rosa, baby red chard, arugula, mizuna, baby green chard, baby oak leaf lettuce
Hearts Whole Leaf 6/7 oz. Organic whole romaine heart leaves
Mache Blend 6/5.3 oz. Baby red chard, māche rosettes, tango, baby green chard
Pepper Greens 6/4 oz. Arugula, baby green mustard, baby red mustard, cress, baby spinach, baby green bok choy, baby green chard, baby red chard, baby red bok choy, mizuna, komatsuna
Spinach & Arugula 6/5 oz. Organic baby spinach & baby arugula
Super Greens 6/5 oz. Red & green swiss chard, tat soi, arugula & spinach
Super Spinach! 6/5 oz. Baby spinach, baby bok choy, baby kale
Sweet Pea 6/4 oz. Sweet pea shoots, baby green romaine, tango, baby green oakleaf, baby greenleaf, baby green bok choy, lolla rosa